Creating A Test Automation Portfolio Episode 2: RPA Testing

OVERVIEW Languge: VB.Net / UiPath proprietary language IDE: UiPath Studio Source Code Management Tool: Github via Github Desktop Type of Tests: UiPath Website Tested: My Local Gym In my last blog post, I outlined my goals for a test automation portfolio. In this post, I’d like to talk about how I’ve been doing with theContinue reading “Creating A Test Automation Portfolio Episode 2: RPA Testing”

Creating a Test Automation Portfolio Episode 1: Setting a Goal

Not for the first time, I’d like to give my thanks to Angie Jones for her post “10 portfolio projects for aspiring test automation engineers“. Reading it made perfect sense to me, so much so that I wondered why I hadn’t thought about creating a portfolio before. If someone were to come to an interviewContinue reading “Creating a Test Automation Portfolio Episode 1: Setting a Goal”

Risk is… in the eye of the beholder

Millions and millions of years ago, back when I was studying for my Law degree, I was surprised to learn that far from the truth being objective and fixed, it was a malleable thing. Mooting societies, where aspiring lawyers could pick a side to debate about a particular case, or topic, were popular. And theyContinue reading “Risk is… in the eye of the beholder”

Testing is like… an amazing secret

Something you can’t believe not everyone knows because its so. bloody. fantastic. It is the key that opens the door to financial independence, opportunity to work with like-minded people from all over the globe and a chance to be a part of delivering things which can affect millions of people. And we should cherish it.Continue reading “Testing is like… an amazing secret”